class WaitGroup


Suspend execution until a collection of fibers are finished.

The wait group is a declarative counter of how many concurrent fibers have been started. Each such fiber is expected to call #done to report that they are finished doing their work. Whenever the counter reaches zero the waiters will be resumed.

This is a simpler and more efficient alternative to using a Channel(Nil) then looping a number of times until we received N messages to resume execution.

Basic example:

require "wait_group"
wg =

5.times do
  spawn do
    wg.done # the fiber has finished

# suspend the current fiber until the 5 fibers are done

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Constructor Detail

def : Int32 = 0) #

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Instance Method Detail

def add(n : Int32 = 1) : Nil #

Increments the counter by how many fibers we want to wait for.

A negative value decrements the counter. When the counter reaches zero, all waiting fibers will be resumed. Raises RuntimeError if the counter reaches a negative value.

Can be called at any time, allowing concurrent fibers to add more fibers to wait for, but they must always do so before calling #done that would decrement the counter, to make sure that the counter may never inadvertently reach zero before all fibers are done.

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def done : Nil #

Decrements the counter by one. Must be called by concurrent fibers once they have finished processing. When the counter reaches zero, all waiting fibers will be resumed.

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def wait : Nil #

Suspends the current fiber until the counter reaches zero, at which point the fiber will be resumed.

Can be called from different fibers.

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