module HTTP::Handler


A handler is a class which includes HTTP::Handler and implements the #call method. You can use a handler to intercept any incoming request and can modify the response. These can be used for request throttling, ip-based filtering, adding custom headers e.g.

NOTE To use Handler, you must explicitly import it with require "http/server/handler"

A custom handler

require "http/server/handler"

class CustomHandler
  include HTTP::Handler

  def call(context)
    puts "Doing some stuff"

Direct including types

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Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

abstract def call(context : HTTP::Server::Context) #

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def call_next(context : HTTP::Server::Context) #

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def next : Handler | HandlerProc | Nil #

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def next=(next __arg0 : Handler | HandlerProc | Nil) #

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