abstract class Crystal::EventLoop

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Instance methods inherited from module Crystal::EventLoop::Socket

accept(socket : ::Socket) : ::Socket::Handle | Nil accept, close(socket : ::Socket) : Nil close, connect(socket : ::Socket, address : ::Socket::Addrinfo | ::Socket::Address, timeout : Time::Span | Nil) : IO::Error | Nil connect, read(socket : ::Socket, slice : Bytes) : Int32 read, receive_from(socket : ::Socket, slice : Bytes) : Tuple(Int32, ::Socket::Address) receive_from, send_to(socket : ::Socket, slice : Bytes, address : ::Socket::Address) : Int32 send_to, write(socket : ::Socket, slice : Bytes) : Int32 write

Instance methods inherited from module Crystal::EventLoop::FileDescriptor

close(file_descriptor : Crystal::System::FileDescriptor) : Nil close, read(file_descriptor : Crystal::System::FileDescriptor, slice : Bytes) : Int32 read, write(file_descriptor : Crystal::System::FileDescriptor, slice : Bytes) : Int32 write

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same?(other : Nil)
, to_s(io : IO) : Nil to_s

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new new, unsafe_construct(address : Pointer, *args, **opts) : self unsafe_construct

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pre_initialize(address : Pointer) pre_initialize

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from_json(string_or_io, root : String)
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Constructor Detail

def self.create : self #

Creates an event loop instance

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def self.current : self #

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Instance Method Detail

abstract def create_resume_event(fiber : Fiber) : Event #

Create a new resume event for a fiber.

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abstract def create_timeout_event(fiber : Fiber) : Event #

Creates a timeout_event.

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abstract def interrupt : Nil #

Tells a blocking run loop to no longer wait for events to activate. It may for example enqueue a NOOP event with an immediate (or past) timeout. Having activated an event, the loop shall return, allowing the blocked thread to continue.

Should be a NOOP when the loop isn't running or is running in a nonblocking mode.

NOTE we assume that multiple threads won't run the event loop at the same time in parallel, but this assumption may change in the future!

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abstract def run(blocking : Bool) : Bool #

Runs the loop.

Returns immediately if events are activable. Set blocking to false to return immediately if there are no activable events; set it to true to wait for activable events, which will block the current thread until then.

Returns true on normal returns (e.g. has activated events, has pending events but blocking was false) and false when there are no registered events.

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