class Crystal::Macros::Annotation


An annotation on top of a type or variable.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Crystal::Macros::ASTNode

!=(other : ASTNode) : BoolLiteral !=, ==(other : ASTNode) : BoolLiteral ==, class_name : StringLiteral class_name, column_number : StringLiteral | NilLiteral column_number, doc : StringLiteral doc, doc_comment : MacroId doc_comment, end_column_number : StringLiteral | NilLiteral end_column_number, end_line_number : StringLiteral | NilLiteral end_line_number, filename : StringLiteral | NilLiteral filename, id : MacroId id, is_a?(type : TypeNode) : BoolLiteral is_a?, line_number : StringLiteral | NilLiteral line_number, nil? : BoolLiteral nil?, raise(message) : NoReturn raise, stringify : StringLiteral stringify, symbolize : SymbolLiteral symbolize, warning(message : StringLiteral) : NilLiteral warning

Instance Method Detail

def [](index : NumberLiteral) : ASTNode #

Returns the value of a positional argument, or NilLiteral if out of bounds.

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Returns the value of a named argument, or NilLiteral if the named argument isn't used on self.

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def args : TupleLiteral #

Returns a TupleLiteral representing the positional arguments on self.

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def name : Path #

Returns the name of this annotation.

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def named_args : NamedTupleLiteral #

Returns a NamedTupleLiteral representing the named arguments on self.

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