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Install on Windows (Preview)

Crystal on Windows is currently distributed as both portable and installer preview packages. They are available on the GitHub releases page. Be aware that Crystal on Windows is not yet complete.


Crystal on Windows requires the following prerequisites:

The .zip file is the portable package and can be extracted into any location. To use Crystal from any location, the installation directory should be manually added to the PATH environment variable.

The .exe file is the GUI installer; simply follow the instructions in the installation wizard. The GUI installer generates a warning if it detects that the above prerequisites aren’t met.


Multiple portable packages can be installed side-by-side. They do not upgrade themselves, so any old versions need to be removed manually. Do not simply extract a new portable package over an old one, as this will fail to remove files that are deleted in a version upgrade.

Installing Crystal via the GUI installer automatically removes the previous installation.

Done installing?

Once you have Crystal installed, follow the first steps to get started.

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Having trouble?

Get help about installing Crystal in the community forum.

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