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Used in production

Companies and individuals all over the world are using Crystal in production for projects of all kinds. Let us know that you are also using Crystal in production at your company or project, and we’ll add you to this list.


Projects dedicated to methods and software tools for understanding large biological data sets.

  • Diploid: Human genome interpretation

Communication & Networking

Projects creating tools for communication, interoperability and distribution.

  • Crunchy Bridge: Fully managed PostgreSQL server in the cloud with a focus on DX
  • Hipcall: Hipcall helps sales and customer support teams. Hipcall provides business phone system, call center, sales management and customer service software.
  • Kagi: Premium search engine where everything on the page matters
  • Universal Layer: Web Hosting Provider
  • xevIT networking: Communication, Networking, Security

Cyber Security

Organizations working in computer security, cybersecurity, or information technology security.

Gaming / Entertainment

Organizations developing games, virtual environments, media and entertainment platforms.

  • Invidious: Alternative front-end to YouTube
  • JoystickTV: Live streaming platform for gamers in the adult entertainment industry
  • Neopoly GmbH: Online games and services

Media Systems

Projects devoted to creating systems for communicative spaces.

  • MESO: We design digital systems for communicative spaces
  • Play it My way: Amazon movies/youtube EDL manager to watch with objectionable scenes removed backend. Edit the profanities out of movies!


Organizations developing games, virtual environments, media and entertainment platforms.

  • APIHub: API Marketplace where developers can sell their web services. Developers can register their HTTP endpoints for free, then the HTTP APIs are available for public use.
  • Concentric: Transforming how we make decisions about our health. The market leading digital consent to treatment application
  • Kadalu Technologies: An opinionated distributed Storage solution based on GlusterFS
  • muse-dl: An ebook downloader for Project MUSE, which stitches them together into a single-file using pdftk
  • Nginx Shiny Exporter: An exporter for Prometheus monitoring
  • Phenopolis: Image processing and Big Data analysis for medical science

SaaS products

Projects dedicated to Internet based, licenced services

  • 84codes: We automate server configurations and maintenance so developers can focus on what they do best: build applications
  • Appmonitor: Analytics engine
  • Blitline: Online image processing
  • BlockVue: Virtual and VR tours for commercial real estate
  • Eat App: Cloud-based applications for restaurants to increasing their efficiency and revenue through real-time restaurant reservations, automation and guest data management and CRM
  • Errordeck: An error monitoring service to help you find and handle exceptions and errors
  • GigSmart: GigSmart is a staffing company that connects businesses looking for talent with individuals looking for work through their mobile and web applications
  • Heii On-Call: On-call rotation scheduling, alerting, escalations, and monitoring for APIs, websites, cronjobs, and more.
  • JSON Keeper: Simple, static JSON hosting service for web and mobile apps
  • Mailer To Go: Heroku Add-on for simple email delivery
  • Peer-to-peer car rental platform based in Norway
  • NamingMatters: Trademark pre-clearance and search
  • PlaceOS: Connects everything in your office, tenancy or building to create a seamless user experience
  • Rainforest QA: QA at the Speed of Development, Intelligent Crowdtesting for Agile Teams
  • Void: Read + Retain in a distracted world

Software Development

Organizations that provide software engineering services

  • Aveine: The first smart wine aerator
  • Bulutfon: Cloud Voice & VOIP solution for Turkey
  • Kemal: Fast, Effective, Simple Web Framework
  • Kinko booking: A platform for managing real-time reservations in hotels and travel agencies.
  • Lechner Knowledge Center: Cultural heritage inventory
  • Level UP Solutions: Web application design and development, in France, specialized in e-commerce
  • LI-COR Biosciences: LI-COR Biosciences designs and manufactures instrument systems and research tools for environmental and biotechnology research
  • Lunar: Client adapter for monitor control over HTTP
  • Manas: We build unconventional software for unconventional [needs | contexts | ideas | organizations]
  • MeasureChina: Marketing intelligence software
  • mstrap: A development machine provisioning tool that will save you hours of manual setup and tweaking
  • Nikola Corp: We build Hydrogen Powered Semi Trucks
  • Pluto: A fast and convenient image processing library
  • Protel: Changing the game in POS Systems and Hospitality
  • Red Panthers: Web application design and development, from Kochi, India. Build POS (Point of Sale), system and local web api servers using Crystal & Kemal
  • RedAnt: Sydney-based technical agency
  • Wysdom: Dental Practice Management Systems

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