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Crystal Team

Crystal is an open-source project based on the incredible efforts of a large community. Meet the people behind Crystal.

This page introduces some of the most notable members, especially the Core Team, and the Steering Council. Their roles are defined by the Crystal Governance document.

Core Team

The Core Team manages the development of Crystal and its ecosystem.

Beta Ziliani beta-ziliani forum beta-ziliani Team lead, Steering Council Manas.Tech
Ary Borenzweig asterite forum asterite Co-Creator, Steering Council
Brian J. Cardiff bcardiff forum bcardiff Co-Creator, Steering Council
Jonne Haß jhass forum jhass
Serdar Doğruyol sdogruyol forum sdogruyol
Johannes Müller straight-shoota forum straight-shoota Manas.Tech
Oleh Prypin oprypin forum oprypin
Quinton Miller HertzDevil forum HertzDevil Manas.Tech

Core Team Alumni

These awesome people have served as core team members in the past. They are listed here to record and honor their contributions.

Juan Wajnerman waj
Gustavo Giraldez ggiraldez
Julien Portalier ysbaddaden
Martin Verzilli mverzilli
Santiago Palladino spalladino
Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs RX14


Some people help with administrative duties, for example related to the management of assets and infrastructure, and communications.

They have access to some resources and may participate as representatives of Crystal, but are not Core Team members. They do not take part in project decisions.

Nicolás di Tada nditada forum nditada CTO Manas.Tech
Mekhla Mukherjee mekhla18 forum mekhla18 Community Manager Manas.Tech
Matías García Isaía matiasgarciaisaia forum matiasgarciaisaia Infrastructure Manas.Tech
Martin Pettinati pettimart forum pettimart Communication Manas.Tech
Francisco Tarulla ftarulla forum ftarulla Developer Manas.Tech
Caspian Baska caspiano forum caspiano Developer Manas.Tech

Community Moderators

Some experienced members of the community help moderating the community channels. They have the Triage role on GitHub which gives them the ability to assign labels, open & close issues/PRs, apply milestones, mark duplicates, assign issues/PRs and request reviews.

450+ Contributors

Besides those that are explicitly named, this is a call out to hundreds more contributors who put their work into the project.

Our sponsors

All this is only possible through our generous sponsors which help sustaining the project.

Check out our sponsorship page at OpenCollective if you want to become one of them.

Corporate sponsors please reach out to We're happy to work with you.

Join the team

If you want to become a contributors, see our Contributing Instructions and Code of Conduct.

Community members with a good understanding of the current processes and topics in the Crystal community, can be considered to be become a moderator. Respectable and helpful conduct is obviously required for that. If you think you qualify and want to apply, please don't hesitate to contact the core team at