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Crystal is an open-source project based on the incredible efforts of a large community. Meet the people behind Crystal.

Core Team

Beta Ziliani @beta-ziliani Profile picture of Beta Ziliani
Team lead, Steering Council Manas.Tech
Ary Borenzweig @asterite Profile picture of Ary Borenzweig
Co-Creator, Steering Council
Brian J. Cardiff @bcardiff Profile picture of Brian J. Cardiff
Co-Creator, Steering Council
Jonne Haß @jhass Profile picture of Jonne Haß
Serdar Doğruyol @sdogruyol Profile picture of Serdar Doğruyol
Johannes Müller @straight-shoota Profile picture of Johannes Müller
Oleh Prypin @oprypin Profile picture of Oleh Prypin
Quinton Miller @HertzDevil Profile picture of Quinton Miller
George Dietrich @Blacksmoke16 Profile picture of George Dietrich
Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs @RX14 Profile picture of Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs
Julien Portalier @ysbaddaden Profile picture of Julien Portalier


Profile picture of Juan Wajnerman
Juan Wajnerman
Profile picture of Gustavo Giraldez
Gustavo Giraldez
Profile picture of Martin Verzilli
Martin Verzilli
Profile picture of Santiago Palladino
Santiago Palladino


Nicolás di Tada @nditada Profile picture of Nicolás di Tada
CTO Manas.Tech
Matías García Isaía @matiasgarciaisaia Profile picture of Matías García Isaía
Infrastructure Manas.Tech
Martin Pettinati @pettimart Profile picture of Martin Pettinati
Communication Manas.Tech
Francisco Tarulla @ftarulla Profile picture of Francisco Tarulla
Developer Manas.Tech

Admin Alumni

Profile picture of Caspian Baska
Developer Caspian Baska
Profile picture of Mekhla Mukherjee
Community Manager Mekhla Mukherjee

Community Moderators



Community members with a good understanding of the processes and topics in the community are eligible to become moderators. If you would like to apply, please contact the core team at

Language Mascot

Crys, the language mascot


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Sponsors are an essential part of the team, as their funding makes all of this possible.


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