From sources

If you want to contribute then you might want to install Crystal from sources.

  1. Install the latest Crystal release. To compile Crystal, you need Crystal :).

  2. Make sure a supported LLVM version is present in the path. When possible, use the latest supported version: 8.0.

  3. Make sure to install all the required libraries. You might also want to read the contributing guide.

  4. Clone the repository: git clone

  5. Run make to build your own version of the compiler.

  6. Run make std_spec compiler_spec to ensure all specs pass, and you’ve installed everything correctly.

  7. Use bin/crystal to run your crystal files.

If you would like more information about bin/crystal, check out the using the compiler documentation.

Note: The actual binary is built in to .build/crystal, but the bin/crystal wrapper script is what you should use to run crystal.

Done installing?


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