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These are the companies and individuals that help sustain Crystal's development.
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What is this list?

These are the companies and individuals contributing to help sustain Crystal's development. See the Open Collective campaign for more details.

I am a sponsor contributing $5/month, but my URL is not listed

We grab the website and avatar from your Open Collective profile or your Bountysource profile. If that fails, we try to use your GitHub or Twitter accounts listed in that same profile.

When is this page updated?

We update the current sponsors in this page at the beginning of each month.

How is the list ordered?

It is ordered by level of contribution and total amount contributed so far. Columns are sortable.

How long are contributors listed?

Open Collective contributors are listed forever, but after three months of the last payment they are considered as contributing $0 (that is, no link is shown). Bounty Source contributors are erased as long as the site consider them inactive, for technical reasons.

There seems to be an error, how can I fix it?

If there is any mismatch information you would like to correct, please contact us.

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