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Install on Linux

Official DEB and RPM packages are available at devel:languages:crystal on the Open Build Service (OBS) and we provide an installer script for convenience.

Many Linux distributions provide Crystal in their system packages. There are several community-maintained packages as well, see the install overview.


We provide an installer script that automatically sets up the OBS package sources for DEB- and RPM-based package managers and installs the respective crystal package.

To install the latest stable Crystal release:

curl -fsSL | sudo bash

The install script accepts optional arguments for selecting a specific Crystal version.

  • --version with major.minor or latest value
  • --channel with stable, unstable, or nightly value

Install nightly build:

curl -fsSL | sudo bash -s -- --channel=nightly

Install the 1.10 release:

curl -fsSL | sudo bash -s -- --version=1.10

Manual Packages

As an alternative to the automatic installer, OBS offers installation instructions for many distribution package managers as well as binary downloads.


Alternatively, there are .tar.gz archives in each release for x86-64. See Install from a tar.gz for instructions.

Done installing?

Once you have Crystal installed, follow the first steps to get started.

Learn Crystal
Having trouble?

Get help about installing Crystal in the community forum.

Ask for support