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As the language and the community continues to grow it is important to have basic understanding about how and for what purposes the Crystal brand and associated works can be used.


We’ve put together some assets and guidelines to help you determine the best way to use our brand and logos.


Make sure to follow the guidelines described below when using any of this material.


Black #000
White #FFF
Gray #777


Roboto Medium
Roboto Mono


What can you do with the Crystal logos and brand?

  • Print them on any merchandise you want, as long as you don’t sell it.
  • Use them in presentations, papers and talks.
  • Use them to advertise something you’ve created with Crystal.
  • Use them in blog posts, articles or news about Crystal.
  • Use them for educational purposes, as long as it’s available for free.

Don’t do these things with the Crystal logos and brand:

  • Change their colors, dimensions or add your own text.
  • Sell Crystal artwork or merchandise without permission.
  • Integrate your own logo with Crystal logos.
  • Use the Crystal logos as your brand, company or app image.
  • Use the logo in a way that could suggest sponsorship or endorsement by Crystal.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if:

  • You want permission to sell Crystal merchandise.
  • You want to use these logos for commercial purposes.
  • You have questions about the use of Crystal brand and logos.