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Memories from CrystalConf

Johannes Müller

CrystalConf 2023 was a sounding success with a terrific lineup of speakers and talks. We spent two great days in Berlin sharing knowledge, ideas, and beers.

Recordings of the talks are being uploaded to a playlist on YouTube.

Video playlist

The audience listens to Johannes' talk about deficiencies in programs that might come from hidden little details.

In the panel discussion we talked the future of Crystal with the audience.

Christina presents what she learned in her first year coding in Crystal.

Tech gear for live streaming, recording and remote speakers. This all came in a suit case.

After two intense days, it was about time to chill and celebrate! Cheers to the first in-presence CrystalConf 🥂


We thank our sponsors LavinMQ and Kagi for supporting this event.