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A farewell and a (second) welcome

Beta Ziliani

CrystalConf 2023 was a pivoting time for the Crystal Team —the team that works for Crystal at Manas— and the Core Team —the team that governs Crystal. For the Crystal Team, it meant the last event and posting by —now former— Crystal Community Manager, Mekhla Mukherjee. Mekhla has done a terrific job building the Ambassadors Program, helping organize the conference, and taking care of the general communications of the project. Unfortunately, the funding for a full-time Community Manager has run out. We’ll continue the community and communication efforts that we initiated in the past months. Beta Ziliani takes over as coordinator of the Ambassadors Program.

Thank you Mekhla, once again for your work in the Crystal community. We’ll miss you.

On a positive note, Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs (RX14) is (re-)joining the Core Team. She has a great understanding of the language and is a valuable voice for future developments, as shown in her participation in the panel discussion at CrystalConf. A couple years ago she had already been an active member. So, welcome back Stephie!