Johannes Müller 29 Jun 2017

Crystal 0.23.0 released!

Crystal 0.23.0 has been released!

As any release it includes numerous bugfixes, cool features and performance improvements.

Exciting Changes

  • The release is built with LLVM 3.8, so it’s no longer supported by Debian 7 and CentOS.
  • (breaking-change) Severity levels are now passed as Severity type to Logger#formatter, instead of a String.
  • (breaking-change) was removed.
  • The compiler now indicates compilation progress with command line flag --progress.
  • File listing can be disabled for HTTP::StaticFileHandler.
  • crystal init generates a .editorconfig file.
  • We have a man page for crystal(1).
  • When re-rasing an exception, it’s callstack won’t be overwritten.

Thanks to everyone who supported this release through contributions, reviews and suggestions.