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Crystal 0.22.0 released!

Johannes Müller

Crystal 0.22.0 has been released!

As any release it includes numerous bugfixes, cool features and performance improvements.

Exciting Changes

  • Backtrace function names are now read from DWARF sections.
  • Sigfault and exceptions are printed to STDERR.
  • pp and p return the printed value.
  • XML::Node supports setting and deleting attributes.
  • The skip macro method allows to skip a file: {% skip unless flag(:unix) %}. No need to wrap entire files in {% if %}...{% else %} anymore!

Other Breaking Changes

  • (breaking-change) Removed is now private
  • (breaking-change) IO#peek now returns an empty slice on EOF
  • (breaking-change) Rename WeakRef#target to WeakRef#value
  • (breaking-change) Rename HTTP::Params.from_hash to HTTP::Params.encode
  • (breaking-change) '"' is now invalid, use '"'

Thanks to everyone who supported this release through contributions, reviews and suggestions.