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Crystal Programming is a project-based book by George Dietrich and Guilherme Bernal that covers all the fundamental concepts needed to start programming in Crystal, such as OOP and concurrent programming.

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While focused towards those with programming experience, previous knowledge of Crystal itself is not required, as the book is outlined with step-by-step explanations of essential concepts and practical examples. By the end of this book, you’ll be equipped with the skills you need to use Crystal programming for building and understanding any application you come across.
What you will learn
Explore how Crystal combines the merits of other languages
Understand how to leverage existing C libraries without writing any C
Focus on zero-cost abstractions with compile-time macros
Use an example-based approach to demonstrate language features
Develop a variety of Crystal applications, such as web and CLI apps
Gain an understanding of the macro API and annotations

About the Authors

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George Dietrich is a software engineer, open-source aficionado, and Crystal community moderator. He holds a Master of Science degree in internet information systems and a Bachelor of Science degree in information sciences.

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Guilherme Bernal is the chief technology officer at Cubos Tecnologia. He holds a bachelor's degree in TI management. Guilherme co-founded a software development company and several tech start-ups, including one that focused on teaching programming skills to a new generation of developers. He is also a two-time world finalist in the coding competition, ACM ICPC.