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New sponsoring tiers

Beta Ziliani Johannes Müller

We made several changes to the sponsor packages offered on the OpenCollective sponsoring page.

The sponsoring tiers and their perks hadn’t been updated in a while and we felt it was time to freshen up. Particularly, we want to offer more differentiated opportunities for expressing thanks to our sponsors.

The general structure of tiers hasn’t changed. It’s a bit more refined now with clearer naming. We consider three groups of sponsorship levels with different target audiences:

  1. Backer: Individuals and small organizations who love Crystal and want to support it. Backer sponsorship tiers
  2. Sponsor: Individuals and organizations who want to support Crystal and maybe gain some visibility. Sponsor sponsorship tiers
  3. Corporate: Organizations who want to support Crystal and obtain support to move their business forward. Corporate sponsorship tiers

There’s also an open donation tier for a one-time contribution or continuous support at a value of your choice.


The thresholds for the individual tiers stay mostly the same. We thinned out some intermediary tiers that were barely used.

Most relevant changes:

  1. Backlinks from the Sponsor page are available at the Backer L tier ($25).
  2. New options to improve visibility of sponsors:
    • Logo and link in the release posts at Silver Sponsor ($350)
    • Logo and link in the newsletter, README, presentations and other communication materials at Gold Sponsor ($750)
  3. Sponsor logos on the homepage are shown in two different sizes:
    • Small logo at Silver Sponsor ($350)
    • Big logo at Gold Sponsor ($750)
  4. Directed Corporate Sponsors to contact us to better tailor a package that suits their needs.

Everyone who is already a sponsor stays in the tier that corresponds to their current monthly contribution. Some of the perks in that tier may have changed. We understand this is a breaking change. If this affects you, please let us know at

The new perks will take a couple of days to take effect.

The Crystal project depends on your support and we’re grateful for any contributions that help the development of the language and its ecosystem. Thank you to all the sponsors who have made Crystal grow and continue to do so ♥️