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Changes in the Steering Committee

Nicolás di Tada

The Steering Council is Crystal’s core government authority. Since its inception it is formed by the original creators of the language: Ary Borenzweig, Brian Cardiff and Juan Wajnerman, who also serve as Core Team members.

However, Juan has decided to leave his positions in the community and move on with his personal projects. We consider ourselves lucky to have shared paths with such a great colleague with fine technical qualities that make him stand out.

A big thank you, Juan, for the great work you put into Crystal. Our doors will forever be open if you ever decide to return to share your knowledge with the community of the language you helped to grow.

The seat on the council passes to Beta Ziliani. He has been leading the development of the language for the past two years. With a background in programming language research and his proven skills in leadership, we are certain to leave the position into capable hands.