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Crystal 1.2.1 is released!

Beta Ziliani

We are releasing the first patch release of the 1.2 series.


In this patch release we included 4 PRs since the 1.2.1 release by 4 contributors. This time we’d like to thank the developers that suffered and issued the regressions ❤️ Sorry about that!

There are just three relevant changes to point out:


We had two major regression fixes. The first on is related to the introduction of markd to render the API docs (#11040). This lead to a bug that was fixed in a recent markd version (#11338).

The second one is that class variables with a regex stopped working in 1.2.0. We fixed it in #11334.

LLVM 13 support

Not really a regression, but since LLVM 13 is already out and fixes several bugs that affected Crystal, we decided to start making it available in this patch release. As soon as your platform makes it available to you, you might want to check it out!


We have been able to do all of this thanks to the continued support of 84codes, Nikola Motor Company and every other sponsor. To maintain and increase the development pace, donations and sponsorships are essential. OpenCollective is available for that.

Reach out to if you’d like to become a direct sponsor or find other ways to support Crystal. We thank you in advance!