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Preparing for Crystal 1.2

Beta Ziliani

We have reached the feature freeze period for Crystal 1.2. From now on, only bug fixes will be merged into master. The release is scheduled for the 13th of October. As usual, we invite everyone to test our latest nightly release to ensure that we haven’t included a breaking change by mistake (docker 🐳, OS packages 💻).

As of today, we have 162 PRs merged for this version. Thanks to all of those amazing contributors 🙇‍♂️!

On a bit of a sour note, we are demoting support for 32-bit x86 architectures, moving it from Tier 1 to Tier 2 (that is, expected to build). As a result, we will not be shipping i386 packages this time. The reason is that the specs are failing, likely due to the amount of memory they consume. Yet, instead of pursuing a solution to the problem, we decided that it was time to continue the trend towards deprecating this architecture, focusing on bringing native support to more popular platforms like ARM64, M1, and Windows. We note this shouldn’t preclude anyone from building it from source, or from getting the packages from the distributions that officially support Crystal.