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Announcing Crystal 1.0 Conference

Beta Ziliani

A decade ago, when Crystal was a quirky idea that a few people talked about in their spare time at Manas, it was impossible to think we would go through so many things on our way to releasing a stable and production ready 1.0 version. It was also unimaginable that such a generous community would form around Crystal, with people from all over the world that have been following every development, providing their views and advice, and contributing to the project both financially and with their work.

Going forward, we want to continue the evolution of the language on delighting its users. But we still want to take a moment to celebrate the 1.0 milestone, and we decided a conference was the best way to do that.

The online conference takes place on July 8, 2021.

Why a Crystal 1.0 Launch Conference?

  • Many people have been a part of the Crystal universe for years, and many others are only now hearing about it. A conference is an ideal vehicle for those who’ve been around for a long time to show the newcomers what it’s all about.
  • Over the years, organizations and individuals have trusted Crystal and used it for their projects, some of them experiments and some of them core to their business. We want to give them a platform to share their stories in the hopes that it inspires others to follow in their footsteps.
  • We believe that dialogue is a central element in the evolution of initiatives like Crystal, and a conference creates a space to amplify the conversation channels between the Core Team and the community.

The Conference will feature talks from the team developing the language, people using Crystal in production, folks who have been conducting experiments with Crystal, people who come from other languages and can bring cool insights to our community, and we are extending the invitation to users, developers, and contributors in general who want to present a talk.

To get your tickets, go to the Crystal Conference 1.0 Launch page on Eventbrite. All proceeds from the event will be destined to maintain and increase the development pace of the language. Reach out to if you’d like to become a direct sponsor or find other ways to support Crystal.

See you there!

Call for Talks

We are inviting Crystal users, developers, and contributors in general to submit their talks for the Crystal 1.0 Conference.

Topics can cover anything related to the experience with Crystal that is worth sharing to other Crystallers around the globe, or that people from other languages can bring to our community: interesting shards, particularities of the compiler, benchmarks, etc.

Submit a talk proposal at: