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Crystal 0.24.2 released!

Matias Garcia Isaia

Crystal 0.24.2 has been released!

This is mainly a bugfix release that also includes some changes to the continuous integration workflow - in 38 commits since 0.24.1.

Exciting Changes

  • Fixed DWARF decoding to avoid an Index out of bounds on the at_exit handler
  • Fixed type inference of single statement expressions with parenthesis
  • Fixed SSL certificate verification errors
  • Fixed missing Dir#each to be an Enumerable once again
  • Fixed formatting of lib’s uppercased funs
  • Fixed docs to update every occurence of skip() macro that’s been renamed to skip_file()
  • Fixed missing UUID docs
  • Added CircleCI 2.0 workflow for nightly builds and automated releases

Thanks to everyone who supported this release through contributions, reviews and suggestions.