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Announcing Crystal CodeCamp SF2017

María Inti David

We’re happy to announce that the Crystal team is coming to San Francisco!

Maybe you’ve heard we’re organizing the first #CrystalLang CodeCamp. The event will consist of a 2 day hands-on training dictated by Santiago Palladino & Gustavo Giráldez, members of the Crystal core team. Serdar Doğruyol (creator of Kemal) will also be joining us as a guest speaker.

The programme includes hands on labs, Q&A sessions with the team, networking sessions and more than 10 hours of training. We will provide official Crystal certificates for attendees, along with the obligatory Crystal swag.

Right now this event is possible thanks to:

  • AcademyX, who is sponsoring us and providing the space to host the event at their San Francisco offices.
  • Twentify, who is sponsoring the event and also making it possible for Serdar to travel and be a guest speaker.
  • Manas.Tech, the company behind Crystal since 2011.

We’re looking for sponsors who want to support the event, so if you’re interested (or know someone who might be) make sure to read our sponsorship prospectus. As with every other official Crystal event, all profits from sponsorships and ticket sales will be destined exclusively to Crystal Development. This will help us invest more hours in the language and accomplish our 2017 resolutions (yes, I’m talking about Crystal 1.0).

We hope this is the first of many Crystal CodeCamps around the world, so we’re open for suggestions about where we should go next.

PS: This blogpost will be updated as new sponsors join us, we want to thank the companies supporting Crystal in this new event series.