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Crystal 0.20.3 released!

Johannes Müller

Crystal 0.20.3 has been released!

As any release it includes numerous bugfixes, cool features and performance improvements - in 130 commits since 0.20.1.

Exciting Changes

  • (breaking change) IO#gets, IO#each_line, String#lines, String#each_line, etc. now chomp lines by default. You can pass chomp: false to prevent automatic chomping. Note that chomp is true by default for argless IO#gets (read line) but false if args are given.
  • (breaking change) HTTP::Handler is now a module instead of a class (thanks @andrewhamon)
  • (breaking change) Free variables now must be specified with forall, a single uppercase letter will not work anymore
  • (breaking change) The libs directory is no longer in the default CRYSTAL_PATH, use lib (running crystal deps should fix this)
  • class_getter, class_setter and class_property macros were added.
  • When compiling with --debug the :debug flag is present.

Thanks to everyone who supported this release through contributions, reviews and suggestions.