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Split the repo!

Brian J. Cardiff

Crystal is made of many parts. Some of them migrated to other repositories this week.

This will allow better organization, project infrastructure, and even better acknowledgement of contributions.

Lets do a quick review of some artifacts, projects and repos where you might want to contribute.

Crystal compiler, std and tools

crystal is of course where the compiler and the standard library reside, among other tools shipped with the compiler: init, docs, spec, format, play, etc.

Dependency manager

shards is our dependency manager. That thing that allows you to use 3rd parties shards.


crystal-website is a jekyll project where posts are written, sponsors are listed and other public resources can be accessed at


crystal-book is a gitbook project that serves as introduction and manual to the language. After every commit in master a copy of the book is published in /docs.

There have been already translations of many languages of the book: ru, br, ja, tw. Thanks everybody for making crystal speak your language ♥.

Now that it is on its own repo it might be easier to keep changes up to date.

API documentation

api is the reference documentation of crystal standard library. The source? Well, it is in the main crystal repo like in src/

If you jump to /api/master/ you can view the reference for the code in master branch.

TIP: Did you know that for your own shard crystal docs will generate those nicely pages to describe it. So others will know how to use your shard. ♥