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Buenos Aires Crystal Meetup

María Inti David

On February 4th we hosted the first Crystal Meetup in Argentina. More than 20 people attended and 15 people saw the live streaming. We had a great time and got to know some of our supporters from our own country.

The meetup started with Ary (@asterite) asking us: Why Crystal?. You can see the full presentation here:

Por qué Crystal? Why Crystal Language? from Crystal Language

Next, Juan (@waj) talked about concurrency in Crystal.

Concurrencia en Crystal from Crystal Language

Finally Brian (@bcardiff) talked about tools and types of tools for Crystal.

Crystal: herramientas, uso y creación. from Crystal Language

You can watch the recording from the live streaming clicking here (in Spanish).

On march 4th we will host the first official Hangout and Q&A session, in English. You can submit questions for the Q&A on Twitter using the hashtag #CrystalLang or leaving a comment down below.