module YAML::Schema::Core


Provides utility methods for the YAML 1.1 core schema with the additional independent types specified in

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def self.each(node : YAML::Nodes::Mapping, &) #

Invokes the block for each of the given nodes keys and values, resolving merge keys (<<) when found (keys and values of the resolved merge mappings are yielded, recursively).

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def self.parse(data : String | IO) : YAML::Any #

Deserializes a YAML document.

Same as YAML.parse.

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def self.parse_all(data : String | IO) : Array(YAML::Any) #

Deserializes multiple YAML documents.

Same as YAML.parse_all.

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def self.parse_null_or(node : YAML::Nodes::Node, &) #

If node parses to a null value, returns nil, otherwise invokes the given block.

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def self.parse_scalar(pull_parser : YAML::PullParser) : Nil | Bool | Int64 | Float64 | String | Time | Bytes #

Assuming the pull_parser is positioned in a scalar, parses it according to the core schema, taking the scalar's style and tag into account, then advances the pull parser.

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def self.parse_scalar(string : String) : Nil | Bool | Int64 | Float64 | String | Time | Bytes #

Parses a string according to the core schema, assuming the string had a plain style.

require "yaml"

YAML::Schema::Core.parse_scalar("hello") # => "hello"
YAML::Schema::Core.parse_scalar("1.2")   # => 1.2
YAML::Schema::Core.parse_scalar("false") # => false

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def self.parse_scalar(node : YAML::Nodes::Scalar) : Nil | Bool | Int64 | Float64 | String | Time | Bytes #

Parses a scalar value from the given node.

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def self.reserved_string?(string) : Bool #

Returns whether a string is reserved and must non be output with a plain style, according to the core schema.

require "yaml"

YAML::Schema::Core.reserved_string?("hello") # => false
YAML::Schema::Core.reserved_string?("1.2")   # => true
YAML::Schema::Core.reserved_string?("false") # => true

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