module Time::Format::YAML_DATE


Even though the standard library has Time parsers given a fixed format, the format in YAML,, can consist of just the date part, and following it any number of spaces, or 't', or 'T' can follow, with many optional components. So, we implement this in a more efficient way to avoid parsing the same string with many possible formats (there's also no way to specify any number of spaces with Time::Format, or an "or" like in a Regex).

As an additional note, Ruby's Psych YAML parser also implements a custom time parser, probably for this same reason.

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def self.format(time : Time, io : IO) #

Formats a Time into the given io.

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def self.format(time : Time) : String #

Formats a Time into a String.

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def self.parse?(string) : Time? #

Parses a string into a Time.

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