class Crystal::Macros::Def


A method definition.

Defined in:


Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Crystal::Macros::ASTNode

!=(other : ASTNode) : BoolLiteral !=, ==(other : ASTNode) : BoolLiteral ==, class_name : StringLiteral class_name, column_number : StringLiteral | NilLiteral column_number, end_column_number : StringLiteral | NilLiteral end_column_number, end_line_number : StringLiteral | NilLiteral end_line_number, filename : StringLiteral | NilLiteral filename, id : MacroId id, line_number : StringLiteral | NilLiteral line_number, nil? : BoolLiteral nil?, raise(message) : NoReturn raise, stringify : StringLiteral stringify, symbolize : SymbolLiteral symbolize

Instance Method Detail

def accepts_block? : BoolLiteral #

Returns true if this method can be called with a block, false otherwise.

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def annotation(type : TypeNode) : Annotation | NilLiteral #

Returns the last Annotation with the given type attached to this variable or NilLiteral if there are none.

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def annotations(type : TypeNode) : ArrayLiteral(Annotation) #

Returns an array of annotations with the given type attached to this variable, or an empty ArrayLiteral if there are none.

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def args : ArrayLiteral(Arg) #

Returns the arguments of this method.

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def block_arg : Arg | Nop #

Returns the block argument, if any.

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def body : ASTNode #

Returns the body of this method.

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def double_splat : Arg | Nop #

Returns the double splat argument, if any.

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def name : MacroId #

Returns the name of this method.

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def receiver : ASTNode | Nop #

Returns the receiver (for example self) of this method definition, or Nop if not specified.

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def return_type : ASTNode | Nop #

Returns the return type of the method, if specified.

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def splat_index : NumberLiteral | NilLiteral #

Returns the index of the argument with a *splat, if any.

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def visibility : SymbolLiteral #

Returns the visibility of this def: :public, :protected or :private.

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