struct Time::Location::Zone


A Zone represents a time zone offset in effect in a specific Location.

Some zones have a #name or abbreviation (such as PDT, CEST). For an unnamed zone the formatted offset should be used as name.

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Constant Summary

UTC = new("UTC", 0, false)

This is the UTC time zone with offset +00:00.

It is the only zone offset used in Time::Location::UTC.


Instance Method Summary

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Constructor Detail

def : String | Nil, offset : Int32, dst : Bool) #

Creates a new Zone named name with offset from UTC in seconds. The parameter dst is used to declare this zone as daylight savings time.

If #name is nil, the formatted #offset will be used as #name (see #format).

Raises InvalidTimezoneOffsetError if seconds is outside the supported value range -86_400..86_400 seconds (-24:00 to +24:00).

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Instance Method Detail

def dst? : Bool #

Returns true if this zone offset is daylight savings time.

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def format(io : IO, with_colon = true, with_seconds = :auto) #

Prints #offset to io in the format +HH:mm:ss. When with_colon is false, the format is +HHmmss.

When with_seconds is false, seconds are omitted; when :auto, seconds are omitted if 0.

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def format(with_colon = true, with_seconds = :auto) #

Returns the #offset formatted as +HH:mm:ss. When with_colon is false, the format is +HHmmss.

When with_seconds is false, seconds are omitted; when :auto, seconds are omitted if 0.

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def inspect(io : IO) : Nil #

Prints this Zone to io.

It contains the #name, hour-minute-second format (see #format), #offset in seconds and "DST" if #dst?, otherwise "STD".

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def name : String #

Returns the name of the zone.

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def offset : Int32 #

Returns the offset from UTC in seconds.

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