module OAuth2


The OAuth module provides an OAuth2::Client as specified by RFC 6749.

Performing HTTP client requests with OAuth2 authentication

Assuming you have an access token, you can setup an HTTP::Client to be authenticated with OAuth2 using this code:

require "http/client"
require "oauth2"

# Here we use a bearer token, but it could be a mac token. We also set the
# expires in value to 172,800 seconds, or 48 hours
access_token ="some_access_token", 172_800)

# Create an HTTP::Client
client ="", tls: true)

# Prepare it for using OAuth2 authentication

# Execute requests as usual: they will be authenticated

This is implemented with HTTP::Client#before_request to add an authorization header to every request.

Obtaining access tokens

See OAuth2::Client for an example.

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