struct Debug::DWARF::LineNumbers


DWARF Line Numbers parser. Supports DWARF versions 2, 3 and 4.

Usually located in the .debug_line section of ELF executables, or the __debug_line section of Mach-O files.


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Class Method Detail

def : IO::FileDescriptor, size) #

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Instance Method Detail

def directories : Array(String) #

The array of indexed directory paths.

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def files : Array(String) #

The array of indexed file names.

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def find(address) #

Returns the Row for the given Program Counter (PC) address if found.

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def matrix : Array(Array(Row)) #

Matrix of decompressed Row to search line number informations from the address of an instruction.

The matrix contains indexed references to #directories and #files to reduce the memory usage of repeating a String many times.

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Macro Detail

macro increment_address_and_op_index(operation_advance) #

TODO uncomment if release 'private macro' private macro increment_address_and_op_index(operation_advance) :nodoc:

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