struct Time::Format


Specifies the format to convert a Time to and from a String.

The pattern of a format is a String with directives. Directives being with a percent (%) character. Any text not listed as a directive will be passed/parsed through the output/input string.

The directives are:

Defined in:


Constant Summary

ISO_8601_DATE = new("%F")

The ISO 8601 date format. This is just "%F".

Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

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Class Method Detail

def : String, kind = Time::Kind::Unspecified) #

Creates a new Time::Format with the given pattern. The given time kind will be used when parsing a Time and no time zone is found in it.

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Instance Method Detail

def format(time : Time, io : IO) #

Formats a Time into the given io.

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def format(time : Time) : String #

Turns a Time into a String.

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def from_json(pull : JSON::PullParser) #

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def from_yaml(pull : YAML::PullParser) #

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def parse(string, kind = @kind) : Time #

Parses a string into a Time.

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def pattern : String #

Returns the string pattern of this format.

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def to_json(value : Time, io : IO) #

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