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On OpenSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE)

On OpenSUSE, Crystal can be installed from the official repository hosted on the Open Build Service using Zypper. Snapcraft is also available.

Setup repository

Configure the repository in Zypper:

For OpenSUSE Tumbleweed :

sudo zypper ar -f

For OpenSUSE Leap 15.4:

sudo zypper ar -f


Once the repository is configured, Crystal can be installed:

sudo zypper --gpg-auto-import-keys install crystal


When a new Crystal version is released you can upgrade Crystal using the default update command of your distribution:

On OpenSUSE Tumbleweed :

sudo zypper dup

On OpenSUSE Leap :

sudo zypper up

Repo change

If you used the old bintray repo, you may need to switch repos to keep updating correctly

Add the new repo then

On Tumbleweed :

sudo zypper dup --from --allow-vendor-change
sudo zypper rr

Leap 15.4 :

sudo zypper dup --from --allow-vendor-change
sudo zypper rr


The Crystal snap requires to be run in classic confinement. If you have snapd installed you’re ready to install Crystal:

sudo snap install crystal --classic

You can also install the latest nightly build by using the edge channel.

sudo snap install crystal --classic --edge

Find further information at Crystal’s snapcraft page

Done installing?


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