On CentOS

In Red Hat derived distributions, you can use the official Crystal repository. Snapcraft and Linuxbrew are also available.

Setup repository

First you have to add the repository to your YUM configuration. For easy setup just run in your command line:

curl | sudo bash

That will add the signing key and the repository configuration. If you prefer to do it manually execute:

rpm --import

cat > /etc/yum.repos.d/crystal.repo <<END
name = Crystal
baseurl =


Once the repository is configured you’re ready to install Crystal:

sudo yum install crystal


When a new Crystal version is released you can upgrade your system using:

sudo yum update crystal


The Crystal snap requires to be run in classic confinement. If you have snapd installed you’re ready to install Crystal:

sudo snap install crystal --classic

You can also install the latest nightly build by using the edge channel.

sudo snap install crystal --classic --edge

Find further information at Crystal’s snapcraft page


If you have Linuxbrew installed you’re ready to install Crystal:

brew update
brew install crystal-lang

If you’re planning to contribute to the language itself you might find useful to install LLVM as well. So replace the last line with:

brew install crystal-lang --with-llvm

Done installing?


Found any issues?

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